Dear Friends,

We are now half way through our 40th year and I thought it would be a good time to let you all know what's happening.

Like most of the world, we have had a very interesting couple of years.

Thanks to our great Status team we were able to continue through the Covid pandemic, Brexit,
plus price increases and supply issues in materials and shipping costs.

We have been able to continue sending our instruments all over the world and, thankfully, you've kept ordering.

Unfortunately our order books was temporarily closed last year as I received a cancer diagnosis.

After a major operation all appears to be well but I will continue to have checkups.
Thankfully, I had a good recovery but it was a wake-up call.

So... at the age of 67, I have decided it is time to 'semi-retire'.

Please understand this does NOT mean the end of Status Graphite but
we shall no longer take any new orders
for our current wide range of custom instruments or replacement necks.

All the stock basses on our website are now SOLD

We will still continue to sell our 'Hotwire' strings, Status pickups and circuits,
premium leather straps and spare parts, all available through our online store.
Spare parts for most models, old and new, will still be available.

A range of servicing will be available and, of course, we will be honouring our warranty with new instruments.

I'm not ready to stop working completely so there is always the possibility of something 'new'.
I have been finishing a very special project which will be available soon.
... #remastered

We had a great team here and have been together for a very long time so my thanks go out to Gerry (35+ years),
Steve (31+ years), Roger (23+ years) and Dawn (33 years... and still counting).

There have been very many other team members along the way but these guys, with their commitment
and attention to detail, have made our unique instruments some of the very finest in the world.

I look back with pride over the past 40 years at all the great players that have
chosen to play our instruments and the loyal following from yourselves.

It has been an honour to have contributed to the great and varied soundtracks
in your lives that will be heard for generations to come.

I look forward to seeing what the future may hold.

All the best, Rob.



These are the final instruments from our current range, produced here in Colchester.
They are all new, finished and ready to go.
Please contact us on the email link on any of the pages for the price and delivery options.
Remember to include your country / address so we can work out shipping etc.


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Alex 'V-MAN' Venturella

The hottest player on the planet.

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Premium leather straps.
In stock and ready to go...

Alessandro Corsi : What's not to like ?


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As of the 1st January 2021 the UK is no longer a part of the EU and the current agreement means
that we do not charge UK sales tax ( VAT ) to products sold into the EU.


Any instrument, necks or parts sold into the EU will be liable to your local sales tax.
This tax rate varies depending on which country you are in.

When working out the cost from our pricelist everyone except UK sales should use the
' Export price, excluding VAT '