As of the 1st January 2021 the UK is no longer a part of the EU and the current agreement means
that we do not charge UK sales tax ( VAT ) to products sold into the EU.


Any instrument, necks or parts sold into the EU will be liable to your local sales tax.
This tax rate varies depending on which country you are in.

When working out the cost from our pricelist everyone except UK sales should use the
' Export price, excluding VAT '


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Back by popular demand
The original Status zero fret will now be used on all headed Status Basses.
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Premium leather straps.
In stock and ready to go...

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The 2020 T-Bass

The original Status T-Bass just got a face-lift.
New pickups, new EQ, new LEDs, new finishes.

Mark King will be using this bass on the next Level 42 tour.

Chris Wolstenholme

Status Graphite Signature Bass

The awesome bass sound behind
the multi-platinum selling band


New model photographs and information
including the 'Lighting' Bass

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All new S2-Classic web page

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Alex 'V-MAN' Venturella

The hottest player on the planet.
More information and V-MAN Signature Bass coming soon.

Alex talking to 'Total Guitar' about one of his current basses.


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All now available with 'faux maple' fingerboards.

New P, J and MM neck custom options.
** 'J' width MM4 neck now available **


KingBass 'Chameleon' Paramatrix

INDIGO : blue changes to purple
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PHOENIX : red changes to gold.
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The Status Bass Evolution

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KingBass Paramatrix

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New pickups and circuitry giving a
vast arrange of tones.

Graphite and wood facing options.

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Mark King
At home in his studio playing Gaddafi Duck.

See Mark talk about the Paramatrix Bass in this
iBass Magazine interview.


We have strings !

Double-Ball and single-ball round-wound strings are back.

Unfortunately flats and halves are still not available yet.

Visit our On-Line Shop for :

Graphite Replacement Necks

Active Circuits

Status Pickups






Spare Parts


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We hope you are all safe and looking after yourselves in these uncertain times.

So much has changed in recent weeks and we wanted to let you know that the health and well being of our staff and customers is our first priority.

We are following all government advice to ensure the continued safe running of the business and are determined to keep serving our customers for as long as it is safe to do so.

Unfortunately it seems inevitable that there may be some delays in production and shipping but we will endeavour to keep customers informed at all times.

Wishing you all well in the coming months, The Status Team.