Please read the 'Is the neck OK for my bass' section below carefully.

Here at Status Graphite we make a range of replacement graphite necks which have been designed
to be easily fitted to many contemporary and vintage instruments.

Fender Jazz (4-string only)
Fender Precision (4-string only)
Musicman 4 string
Musicman 5 string

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To avoid any confusion, necks are now supplied without the 'Status' logo on the front face.
We now use a more discrete, round logo on the back of the headstock next to the serial number.
This simply states that it is a custom graphite neck made by Status in England.

Available fretted, plain or lined fretless.
Front and side dot markers are fitted as standard.
A 'no front dots' option is also available.

* These are the only necks we sell *
Sorry, we can not make 'one-off' custom models.

Now available with plain, lined and block inlay fingerboards plus...


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All selected via the drop-down menus below.


All necks are lacquered and polished. The top-nut is pre-cut and should be ready to go.
Some very fine adjustment may be necessary. This is explained in the fitting instructions.|

They are designed so that you can simply drill and countersink the neck fixing holes to exactly suit your neck pocket... 3, 4 or 6 hole fixing.

All necks have dual-action truss-rods which allows you to fine-tune the relief in the fingerboard.

Adjustment for the truss-rod on all models is under the top-nut.
It is easy to set it to suit your string preference, playing style and preferred action.
The top-nut is pre-cut and frets / fingerboards are levelled but it may be necessary to
'fine-tune' or fret-dress during final set-up.

The width at the heel is 2.5"... the standard on Fender and Musicman 4-string necks
or 2.75" on the MM 5-string.
The neck weighs just about the same as a regular maple neck.

We also machine the tuner holes in the headstock to suit
normal tuners which have a 17mm (11/16") bush.

If you want to fit smaller Gotoh or Hipshot tuners we can machine the hole to 14mm.
The neck is not supplied with tuners as standard but it is not difficult to fit your existing tuners.

All our necks are supplied with step-by-step fitting instructions
and you do not need any specialist tools.

The advantages of a Status Graphite neck include : a cleaner, more even response across the fingerboard, no worries about the neck twisting or moving around as the climate changes. There is also better attack, sustain and a wider frequency range.

All models are available with frets or as a lined or plain fretless....all one price. Select the model you want from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page.

Plain fretless necks only have the side dot markers on the edge of the 'fret' positions....
3, 5, 7, 9, etc.
Lined fretless necks have the side dot markers between the lines
where they would be on a normal fretted neck.

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Our 'faux maple' fingerboards are not wood.

They are made of the same phenolic laminated material that is used on our regular black fingerboards
but the material is specially made with no additional dyes and retains a mottled wood-grain effect.


Fender Jazz (4-string only)
Fender Precision (4-string only)

Our P and J type necks are designed to fit on all regular Fender style basses with 20 frets.
Some more recent models have 22 frets and the neck is not suitable for these models.
There are many 'Fender' style basses which are not 'Fenders'.
As long as your bass has 20 frets and a 2.5" heel width there should not be a problem.

Musicman 4 string
The 4-string neck is designed to fit on original Sabre and Stingray models
plus the recent Ray34 and S.U.B Ray34.
If your MM4 bass has 21 frets there should not be a problem but please check.
This neck is NOT suitable for 22 fret Sterling, Bongo models or G+L L2000 model.

Musicman 5 string
Designed to fit on the original MM5 bass which has 22 frets.
It should also be OK on the Ray 5 with 22 frets.
It will NOT work with any bass with only 21 frets such as the Sub 5.


Sorry, RIGHT HAND NECKS only available at the moment.



Necks available :

Fender Jazz and Precision.
Musicman 4 and 5 string.
All necks are available as fretted, plain or lined fretless.
All necks have front and side dot markers as standard.
Block inlays are a custom option in the second drop-down box.
'J' width top-nut on an MM4 in the third drop-down box.

Simply select the neck required from the drop-down box and click on the 'Add to Cart' button.
This will automatically take you to the secure payments section.
Here you can check your purchase and it will guide you through the rest of
the secure payments procedure.

You can add any custom requests in the 'SPECIAL ORDER DETAILS' box on the payments page.

Shipping is calculated by selecting from the drop-down box but some shipping costs may vary.
We will contact you if there is any additional cost.

for more information about Shipping.



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 £ 415.00
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 £ 340.00
(+ VAT and Shipping)


All prices are in UK Pounds Sterling.
Excludes shipping.
Excludes EU sales tax.
Excludes International taxes or duty where applicable.
The exact exchange rate will be calculated by your credit card company
on the day we process your transaction.

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Seen here is a Musicman 5 string bass with our Status Graphite neck fitted.
All necks have front and side dot markers as standard :
1/4" (6.4mm) front dots on Fender necks and 8mm dots on Musicman necks.

All necks are designed to match up with the intonation
and fret positions of standard instruments.

34" scale (864mm)
20 frets on the Fender bass necks
21 frets on the Musicman 4
22 frets on the Musicman 5 string

2.5" (63.4mm) heel width on all 4-strings.
2.75" (69.8mm) heel width on MM5)

The MM4 neck will fit on a J bass but but the bridge and intonation will be about 13mm (1/2”) out as
the extra fret on the MM4 makes the neck longer.

It is not possible to make a P or J neck with a MM headstock or vice-versa.
All necks are supplied with our Status logo.

I can make the J and P necks with a fingerboard extension so you can have 21 frets.
I can make the MM4 neck with a fingerboard extension so you can have 22 frets.
The bridge position / neck pocket remain the same.

Please contact me for more information and prices.

We have a complete fitting and set-up service available....
contact us at the factory for details.

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Please note :
"Jazz" and "Precision" are registered trade marks of Fender Musical Instrument Corp.
Status Graphite is in no way affiliated with Fender Musical Instrument Corp.

"Musicman" is a trade mark of Ernie Ball.
Status Graphite is in no way affiliated with Ernie Ball.

Please Note :
The exact exchange rate will be calculated by your credit card company
on the day we process your transaction.