Headed and Headless

The S2-Classic, as the name suggests, is truly the Classic Status Bass.

Originally designed in 1981, the fundamental range has expanded to include headed, headless, through-neck, bolt-on and left handed models.

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S2-Classic, headed, through-neck, 4-string
Figured walnut facing / alder back. Custom red LEDs.


The S2-Classic is the ultimate combination of traditional and modern guitar design.

Woven carbon graphite and selected exotic woods are combined to create a bass which sounds even better than it looks. It has a wide, even frequency response with huge dynamics and sustain.

As with all Status instruments, the graphite neck is fully adjustable to
allow you to set the relief to suit your playing style.
The original, now classic, Status bass was the headless version pictured below.
Headed and headless models are available... all in 4, 5 and 6 strings and now
both right and left handed.

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S2-Classic, headless, through-neck, 5-string
Quilt maple facing / mahogany back. Cherry lacquer with custom faux binding.
Black hardware. Custom red LEDs.


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S2-Classic, headless, through-neck, 4-string.
Figured zebrano facing / mahogany back. Custom blue wrap-around LEDs.

Board 303 EQ

The 303 active circuit is used on many Status basses
including the S2, S3, Stealth and KingBass.

It is quite simple but still able to provide a huge tonal range.

Master volume and pickup blend are standard, as on all Status basses,
with the addition of bass and treble, cut / boost controls
plus a variable frequency midrange.

This midrange control works in conjunction with the 3-position switch :

In the centre position the midrange is 'flat'
With the switch down the midrange is boosted
With the switch up the midrange is cut

The central tone pot alters the frequency, somewhat like a parametric, between 300Hz and 3KHz with a fixed boost and cut of approximately 6dB.
This switch allows a pre-shape to be set and easily selected mid song.

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S2-Classic, headless, through-neck, 4-string
Masur birch facing / alder back. Aqua blue sunburst lacquer.
Custom 'Chris Wolstenholme' pickup positions.
Chrome hardware. Custom white wrap-around LEDs.

Mouse over image to see INDIGO colour change...


Custom 'Chameleon' lacquer changes colour in the light.
INDIGO : Blue / purple.
PHOENIX : Rose red / gold

Left-hand bolt-on. Cocobolo facing with walnut 'tone-block' and mahogany back.

Flame maple with cherry red lacquer.
Custom Paramatrix pickups and EQ.
Wrap-around white LEDs.

Woven graphite shell with custom 'J' pickups.
Custom front white LEDs and 16.5mm string spacing.

Bolt-on 6-string with custom front red LEDs.
Custom satin black lacquer over mahogany
with custom faux binding.

Figured maple through-neck with emerald green tint.

Through-neck 6-string.
Figured maple top with walnut 'tone-block'
and mahogany back.

Aqua blue tint to maple face only.

Woven Chrome facing with cherry red tint.
Custom Paramatrix pickups and EQ.
Custom 16.5mm string spacing.

Woven graphite shell with custom
Paramatrix pickups and EQ.
Custom 16.5mm string spacing and
32" scale 'BendWell'.

Custom Cocobolo facing with
walnut 'tone block' and alder back.

Figured maple facing with vintage amber sunburst.
Lined fretless fingerboard with custom wrap-around green LEDs.

6-string figured maple with aqua blue lacquer.